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3.2 Creative Services - SELF DEFENCE TO

DNA Global Enterprises' Managing Director Domenico Cannizzaro, is the holder of a black belt in the art of Foot & Fist Boxing. He is also a classical tenor having sung in Australia, Europe and in the UAE. Domenico has mixed his two passions to create 'Self Defence to Music'. Our specialised classes use rhythmic elements to fast track students' learning of martial art techniques. Self Defence is a great way to gain fitness and learn life-saving skills to protect you and your family.  Come and enjoy our classes which will encompass great music, a great workout and the great satisfaction of becoming a proficient martial artist.


Self Defence to Music was developed by Sensei Domenico Cannizzaro incorporating the effectiveness of Foot and Fist Boxing, self defence techniques and the power of music. 


The methodology of Self Defence to Music stems from studies revealing how the brain employs music during the course of a physical work out to enhance the output during the training session. Self defence techniques require skills such as rhythmic precision, coordination, timing and balance. Self Defence to Music is a great way to learn and develop these skills with the added benefit of fitness enhancement. The classes are designed to teach the student how to execute punches, kicks, blocks and other moves with fluid velocity and controlled power. Spiritual growth is a major part of our training. To be an efficient martial artist one must develop elite physical traits and more importantly learn the mental attitude necessary to pilot these attributes. 


Our sessions will also cover the psychological aspect of self defence giving students the maximum chance of defending themselves and their loved ones from any unexpected situation or attack. 

Self Defence to Music is taught in a friendly and disciplined environment and can be learned at any age and fitness level.

All sparring sessions are only semi-contact to a minimal degree of touch. The benefit of this type of training is twofold. Firstly, it teaches discipline and precision in the execution of an attack and secondly, it greatly reduces any injuries during training.

Music aids performance in sport and exercise in at least 4 fundamental ways.

  1. During sub-maximal repetitive exercise, music can narrow a performer's attention and as a consequence, divert attention away from sensations of fatigue. This can increase performance by up to 20%.

  2. Music alters arousal levels and can therefore be used as a form of stimulant prior to competition or as a sedative to calm over-anxious athletes.

  3. Music is beneficial as a result of the similarities between rhythm and human movement; hence, the synchronization of music with exercise consistently demonstrates increased levels of work output.

  4. In relation to the previous point, the rhythmical qualities of music also emulate patterns of physical skills; therefore, music can enhance the acquisition of motor skills and create a better learning environment.

Numerous books and studies have shown that music helps to develop brain and cognitive skills. There have also been studies regarding martial arts and it's cognitive benefits not only for children but for all ages. The results of both studies mirror themselves illustrating how brain development is increased in all areas; even in subjects not related to music or martial arts. 

Training in self defence will help your child become more confident and better equipped to cope with everyday life. 

The benefits for adults are just as effective. Our courses for all age groups are specially designed to help all students achieve goals in a balanced and rewarding manner.

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'Foot & Fist Boxing' and 'Self Defence to Music' is available for:
  • Schools
  • Organisations
  • Private tuition
  • Team Building
  • Clubs
Please contact us for further information.
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