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DNA Global Enterprises has a sound foundation in music education based on experience drawn on an international level. Our work in the UAE has been extensive and covers all factors of school music requirements. We can supply teachers for music lessons during the school day and/or as an extra-curriculum activity. Our system involves the careful monitoring of teacher reliability and quality control. Reports of student progress are given regularly assuring parents that their child is receiving an excellent music education backed by integrity, professionalism and transparency. 

Having been nominated by a leading UK publisher as the number one music library coordinator in the UAE, we can offer professional detailed consultations on music books for all levels and instruments. 

Our company Director is constantly involved in national and international music instrument sourcing and can provide your school with the best option for your budget and requirements. 

As an extra sporting activity for your students, we offer the new, exciting and exclusive class of Self Defence to Music where the music is used as a rhythmic tool to focus on brain to body interaction.

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Music Instruction

Music ignites all areas of child development and promotes improvement in all academic subjects. 

Our philosophy is for our teachers to inspire students to interact and participate in concerts, ensemble work and other school music projects. If required, we also prepare students for Trinity College of London and ABRSM examinations. For further information please contact us and we can come to meet you at your location.

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Musical Instruments Sourcing


There are numerous decisions to make when purchasing musical instruments and many factors to consider such as workmanship, brand, price, after-sales assistance. Our company can help formulate your instrument purchases to suit your requirements and make sure you receive value for money. We can source all instruments including any difficult to find brands or items and provide you with after-sales assistance. Feel free to contact us for any further information or any instrument purchases.

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Self Defence to Music for Children

Self Defence to Music is a new, enjoyable and effective approach to learning self defence with the unique use of music as the catalyst to help students learn this technique with precision, confidence and style. The classes are electric and full of energy giving the students a mental and physical state of achievement. They are planned with safety structures as an essential factor and specially designed for school children of all ages. For more information about Self Defence to Music please click here.

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A Game Changer


Contact DNA Global Enterprises to receive expert advice regarding all your musical needs. We also offer an instrument repair service which may help your budget by eliminating the need to purchase new instruments. Our company will work closely with your school ensuring a professional and efficient service saving you time and energy.

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