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4.2 Sales, Rentals & Maintenance - PIANO

If you wish to rent a piano for your event, look no further. DNA Global Enterprises has a customized section for creative pianos that may just be what you want for your special occasion. 
If you are an event company and want to amaze your clients with one of our Promethean pianos, we can accommodate the request to your specifications. We have the structure to deliver and prepare pianos with the best professionals in the business. 

Piano Sales.jpg
Piano Sales


Whether you need a piano for study purposes, professional, school or music complex, DNA Global Enterprises has the piano for your needs. We also have the resources to find rarer instruments should you desire something with a difference. Contact us and our team will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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Piano Rentals


If you require a piano for your event DNA Global Enterprises has the solution for you. We have classical black or white grand pianos, or for your pleasure, our company presents a number of completely innovative services which fuse music and art. We trust you will enjoy our unique creative services which are designed to revolutionize the accepted current visual standards of piano rentals into living forms of creative instruments for your home and special events.

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