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At DNA Global Enterprises we believe that music instruction benefits students of all ages in a myriad of ways. Learning to sing or play an instrument has a significant impact on brain development, social skills, creativity and self-expression. Our philosophy regarding music education is that a high academic standard can be achieved through classes that are conducted through two major factors: 1.  A high professional standard of teaching techniques and 2. Enjoyment of music lessons. We cover beginner to advanced levels in sessions conducted in a friendly and professional environment. Let music Bring Imagination To Life.

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Piano Lessons


Whether you're a parent contemplating music lessons for your child, or perhaps would like to begin or resume piano lessons yourself, you are right on track to starting a wonderful music journey by joining our professional and expert musical team. 
Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument either for recreational purposes or for professional reasons, has a positive effect on the brain that flows into everyday life. Musicians have greater endurance, patience, brain-skills, concentration and social confidence. An added benefit of practising the piano is the stress-release it produces. The concentration required for finger control and development of piano technique subconsciously allows our body to go into a form of relaxation easing tension and stresses of everyday life.
Our piano specialists are of the highest calibre and have many years of experience on local and international levels being involved from academic studies through to world-class performances. They are fully aware of the requirements needed at every grade level to help you achieve excellence and can expertly guide you to reach your own personal goal. Contact us and book in a free trial class.

Singing Lessons


Our vocal classes will help you achieve the singing voice you have always wished for. You will learn techniques to give you the confidence and ability to control and produce your own individual beautiful sound. We can teach music style as we believe that the core focus to singing is to acquire the knowledge of how to control your voice with the correct support and production. Language is no barrier either. When you master our singing technique you can easily sing any language you wish. Our DNA Global Enterprises voice instructor has vast experience in professional performance and has a highly sensitive acumen for vocal technique. Under our guidance, your voice will be transformed into a singing instrument with the utmost attention and professional care. Contact us for a free trial and vocal assessment.

Voice Production


The voice is a fine instrument which should be well cared for - especially if you use your voice on a professional basis. If you use your voice for public speaking, voice-over, acting or any similar activity and you find that your voice tires easily the chances are that you are using your voice incorrectly. Sometimes your nerves get the better of you and when you start to talk you find that you have no voice at all or it is very shaky. These are common problems. The good news is this can be fixed! We can teach you the techniques required to allow you to control your voice from the moment you utter your first word in front of a crowd, boardroom, peers...etc. A good technique for voice production will put authority and confidence in your voice. Contact us for further information.

Preparations for Exams


We at DNA Global Enterprises are fully qualified to assist you or your child with preparation for exams. For almost 10 years we hosted the Trinity College of London Exams in Abu Dhabi and closely liaised and interacted with examiners, exam candidates and their teachers. We have also been involved in international examinations as adjudicators and syllabus writers. Effective and thorough exam preparation is always the key to successful results. Schedules must be well thought out and appropriately targeted to balance a student's music exam preparation within a given timeframe. At DNA Global Enterprises we cover essential areas such as when and how technical work should be mastered, whether the pieces are sufficiently well prepared, and in which sequence the ancillary tests should be tackled for maximum success. You can trust our experienced educators to cover all syllabus requirements with detailed care and ease. 
We can organize a mock exam for you to help monitor progress and assess the student's current level. 
This process helps keep your child on track for exam preparation purposes and also imparts much valuable support regarding time management and effective practice. We understand exams and can help you in every way. Contact us for an assessment.

Music Theory Lessons


Music Theory provides an essential understanding of the practice of music and is the catalyst to the essence of being a literate musician.
DNA Global Enterprises is fully committed to providing theory classes to all students of music as we know the benefits achieved through the theory of music is of the utmost importance to comprehensive music education. In today's world, it is not sufficient enough to play an instrument adequately without having the foundation that music theory provides.
The ABRSM syllabus requires a 5th grade Music Theory pre-requisite prior to continuing on to higher practical grades. Other syllabuses such as AMEB also require a pre-requisite of Music Theory for entry into higher levels.
We at DNA Global Enterprises highly value the benefits of music theory and design our classes to be educative, fun and creative. A good understanding of music theory can open doors to a wide range of fields such as composition for movie themes, media related jingles and serious classical and contemporary composition. Contact us and experience the creative world of music literacy.

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