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Piano Performance

A fine concert performer can captivate the attention of the audience from the first note to the last.

Good performance does not happen by chance. It takes a great deal of talent, study and sensitivity to understand the exquisite art of live performance. A good performer will present the ideal mix between drama and subtlety, dynamic sound and contrasting shades to paint abstract imagery for an audience to enjoy.

This workshop/masterclass is designed to have such a mix. Factors such as sound production, accuracy, artistic merit, technique and overall mastery of performance will be discussed in detail regarding interpretative, technical and expressive skills. DNA Global Enterprises will present a live student performance which will be dissected in a constructive and friendly manner to explain the qualities of performance which are successful and the areas which could be improved. Please feel free to contact us to book in a piano masterclass.

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Examination Preparation

There are several techniques which experienced teachers can apply for effective music exam preparation. Students require comprehensive schedules set in timeframes calculated to accommodate all aspects of examination requirements. In this workshop, the speaker will address the main factors in examination preparedness. Reference will be made to London Trinity College and ABRSM exam expectations with details from both these syllabuses open for discussion. 
Wherever there is a piano available in the venue, the option of having students selected to perform in a live situation is encouraged in this workshop. We design these workshops to be educative and fun where professional teachers, parents and students will obtain a better understanding of a music exam environment. 

Please contact us for further information.

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Opera Performance

What exactly is an Opera? What is it like to sing in an opera? Is it any different to a musical or a drama? The answers to these questions and others are answered in our Opera Performance Workshop. Students will be enlightened to the mechanics of Opera Performance in this informative workshop giving them an insight into the preparation required to perform in an opera. They will learn about:

- What can transpire in a singer's mind before, during and after a performance. 

- Obstacles that are commonly faced and overcome during an opera production. 

- The many stages of the organization involved to produce an opera right up to the opening night.  

- The factors that contribute towards singers being chosen for the operas to be performed. 

Our workshop can cater to students and adults alike interested in the magical world of opera. Contact us for more information or to book our workshop.

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Piano Technique


Good fundamental piano technique is one of the most valuable tools a music student can acquire to extract emotion and convert this pathos to sound. 
Tone, touch and technique is the voice with which your fingers sing the music. This masterclass focuses on the details of technical execution designed for both professional and amateur musicians who aspire to perfect and refine their playing. 
A Fine technique distributes the exact amount of power, flexibility, and strength within the fingers, wrists, arms and body. The well-educated musician can manipulate the most refined sound and texture with a slight of the hand. This masterclass involves live student demonstrations after which the speaker will comment on the performance and actively interact and invite the audience to participate. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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Vocal Technique


This masterclass caters for singers wishing to assess and further their knowledge of vocal technique. Many questions are asked about which is considered to be the correct technique for singers. In truth, there are many answers to this question. Aspects of a good singing technique are numerous and can even be personal depending on the style of singing. 
This masterclass is given by professional vocal masters who have many years of experience in teaching and can show attendees the importance of a good, strong and reliable vocal technique. The participants will sing to demonstrate their vocal abilities after which they will be assessed in a friendly and constructive manner.  During this process, all participating students will gain valuable insight to better understand vocal technique and expressive interpretation. At the end of this masterclass, time will be allocated for questions where audience interaction will be welcomed.

Please contact us for further information or to book in a masterclass.

Concert Performance

Music concert performances are one of the most common forms of entertainment in the world. They range from performers working together in orchestras, choirs and bands, to the solo artist backed by musicians or with his or her instrument of choice (including voice).
In this workshop, we focus on the solo singer or solo instrumentalist. The discussion entails the preparation involved, correct demeanour when walking on and off stage, the importance of captivating the audience and many more aspects of concert performance.
The workshops will be conducted by experienced international performers giving their insights into the demanding role of being a solo performer.

Contact us at DNA Global Enterprises.

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