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3.4 Creative Services - KEYNOTE SPEECHES
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The Creative Arts

The Creative Arts invites participation in a wide range of imaginative activities that can either be expressed in tangible forms such as painting, literature and sculpture, or intangible forms such as music, creative movement, dance and drama. The creative arts engage the mind, the body and the senses having the ability and power to shape history and culture. Our talk on the creative arts is based on the philosophy that all artistic endeavours are connected and interlinked in a very solid and fundamental manner. Our keynote speaker will enthral the audience with interesting facts, anecdotes from historical episodes that relate to our current lives.

Martial Arts & Music


DNA Global Enterprises presents an innovative approach to the rhythmic use of music in martial arts. There are numerous studies praising the cognitive benefits of music education and other studies regarding the benefits of having background music in physical training sessions. Our talk on Martial Arts & Music will be based on both these studies. 
The technical moves in Martial Arts can be quite complex and challenging and can take a considerable amount of time to acquire proficiently. 
The concept of using rhythm as the focal point of repeated actions has been developed by our Sensei Domenico Cannizzaro to increase, speed, motor skills and the precision of technique. This allows the brain and body to work in perfect harmony. 
This talk will illustrate the benefits achieved through the practice of rhythmic training and its connection with cognitive benefits acquired from traditional music study.

Contact us to book a seminar or click this link for more information on Self Defence to Music.

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Multi-sensory Art

Multisensory art is a unique form of art that stimulates and incorporates the senses. Using elements from sight, sound, touch and smell in its creation and exhibition, it plays an important role in both gallery/museum and school settings. In an exhibition space, multisensory art immerses its audience and provides unique insight into the artists’ creative process. Moreover, in education the techniques and materials used to create it broaden students’ view of what art and provides students with numerous different ways of expressing a single concept.

DNA Enterprises supports this fascinating form of art and offers exclusive talks and seminars with Oxford-based Dr. Melissa Westbrook, the founder of Artyverse.

Brain Development in Music


Music accelerates brain development in all students learning to play an instrument. Studies have shown that there are many cognitive benefits for students receiving music education. These benefits flow into other academic school subjects such as language development, mathematics, speech perception, and reading skills. 
DNA Global Enterprises presents a keynote session illustrating how music education is the source of scientific studies currently researching the positive effects of music on brain development.
This talk takes us on a fascinating journey where many real-life cases regarding music students, will be discussed. 

Contact us to book this educative talk. Perfect for your school, company or club. 

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