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4.3 Sales, Rentals & Maintenance - INSTR
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Instrument Repairs

If you require any repairs on instruments such as guitars, ouds, ukuleles, pianos...etc, contact us and we will arrange a viewing to give you a no-obligation free assessment.  We also provide general maintenance such as cleaning, adjustments, re-stringing and much more. 
For any of these services, please feel free to contact us at DNA Global Enterprises.

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Piano Services

For your piano tuning requirements, we can supply you with the best in the business. Our partners have been tuning pianos in the UAE for almost 30 years. Let us help your piano sound at its finest. 
If your piano requires any repairs, our trusted partners have the professionalism and knowledge to return the piano to its former glory having the necessary tools, equipment and skills to complete any job, large or small. Services include Transportation (covered air-conditioned vehicle), Restoration, Rental, Buffing and Crating for overseas shipping.
Please feel free to contact us

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Instrument Maintenence


Instruments need constant maintenance so they can sound their best at all times. Stringed instruments need string replacement as soon as wear and tear starts to set in. If strings start to discolour, don't tune well, feel a little hard and less responsive to the touch, it is probably time to replace them and get vitality back into the instrument. 
Guitar strings should be changed approximately every three months whereas orchestral stringed instruments can have their strings replaced after a longer period. Of course, this depends on a variety of factors such as how often the instruments are played, the quality of the strings and how naturally oily the player's fingers are.
Instruments should also be clean and free of dust or foreign substances. Over time, depending on the surface of the instrument, foreign matter may harden, become more difficult to remove and could cause scratches in the process. 
Pianos should be tuned every six months to maintain the best possible sound. It is advisable to place your instrument in the coolest corner of the room away from direct sunlight to minimize unnecessary damage and future costs.
Instruments should be loved and well cared for to preserve their beauty and ensure they maintain their natural sound. This will give the player much enjoyment for many years to come.

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