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The Composition 


GLORY OF THE UAE was written with the 50 year jubilee celebrations of the UAE in mind, however it is a work that will remain tied to the UAE’s marvelous odyssey for years to come. The work is written for full symphony orchestra and 60+ voice choir and is an artistic fusion of traditional and modern genres structured to portray the UAE’s magnificent journey from the historical early beginnings to the wonders of futuristic explorations. “Glory of the UAE” is a composition intended to evoke deep emotional sentiment. The music and lyrics will inspire patriotic pride within the listener simultaneously conveying images of the fascinating path the UAE has created.


The composition is in 3 movements and has sub sections that relate to each main theme:


1st Movement – The Beginning

Part I – Genesis

Part II – Genesis


2nd Movement – The Transformation



Our Roots Are Firmly Grounded

Resourcefulness (Reprise)


3rd Movement – The Future


Space Has No Limits

Our Leader Looks Upon Us (Arioso)

Peace Forever


The Lyrics

The lyrics written by Ahmed AlHosani portray a deep rooted theme throughout the piece. One of pride and willingness to work hard for the country to make it become what it is today.  His lyrics are simple in structure yet profound in meaning and seamlessly meld with the music to create heartfelt emotions to the listener.


1st Movement - The Beginning

في زمان كان الحب عنوان , عشقا للرمل وللكثبان , فحيات الصبر رمز الانسان, ورحال الخير تغدو بالعز والعرفان

In a time when love was a title, a love for sand and dunes, the life of patience was the symbol of man, and the journey of goodness became glory and gratitude

في زمان كانا الخير في البحار, واسرار في البحر من معان, حين كانا الموج للزمان ... وينادي.. وننادي...وينادي.. اوو يامال.
بالامل حلم يعلى الانسان, نصبوا لهو بالعزم ونرتقي, يا امجاد(ن) تهبوا الحياة, تزرع الخير لنا في ارض السلام, تزرع الخير لنا في ارض السلام

There was a time when there was goodness in the seas, and secrets in the sea from meanings, when they were the waves of time... and calling... and calling... and calling... Oh, Yamal.
Hope is a dream that exalts man, set up amusement with determination and rise.

2nd Movement - The Transformation

نهضة قد غدت للأجيال, مفخرت(ن) ترفعوا الآمال وتعلو بالأفقي ..ضوء بنا بالخير والامل لي نزهوا فيه- نحيا ونعيش

 A renaissance has become for generations, the pride (n) raise hopes and transcend the horizontal..a light for us with goodness and hope for us to stroll in - we live and live

لكي نعلو لكي نصبو لكي نبني لكي نحلم,,, يا أحلام يا انسان يا اوطان يا آمال,, يا أحلام يا انسان يا اوطان يا امال ,,لكي نعلو, لكي نصبوا, لكي نبني , لكي نحيا

To rise, to strive, to build, to dream

في الافقي نحن نعلو , فل افاق يعلو العز, وخير(ن) بان وغدى للأجيال.... الوجود يحلو فيها , فيزهو الخيرو فيها, والشمس سيتبرز من خلفي نجادها لانا , نجادها لانا, نجادها لانا

 In the horizontal we rise, for there are horizons that are greater glory, and the best (n) is that and tomorrow is for generations.... Existence is pleasant in it, and goodness flourishes in it, and the sun will rise from behind me.

جذورنا باقية باقية لنا في الأرضي, تاريخ ارضي سيبقى سيبقى لنا, كل كنزي و امل كانت إنجازا ,,,,,حياتنا حق لانا ,, حياتنا حق لانا

 Our roots remain, remaining for us on earth, earthly history will remain, will remain for us, every treasure and hope was an achievement,,,,, our life is a right for us, our life is a right for us

في الافاق نحن(و) نعلو فل افاق يعلو العز وخير(ن) بان واغدى للأجيال.

 In the horizons, we (and) are rising, for there are horizons that are greater glory, and the best (n) is that which is more beneficial for generations.

3rd Movement - The Transformation

 ضوء كانا في احلامنا وفينا ناما وا صار ,, نحيا وبالأمل تسمو امجاد لها و للاوطات,, باقية لتحيا مدى الزمان

 They were light in our dreams, and in us they slept and became.

لن ننساه لن ننساه درعن لنا كانا,,شرف قد بانا,, فخر(ن) لنا علا ..بزايد(ن) علا,,,نجم في السماء,,,باليل يهتدى,,,في دار الخيرات حان الأوان نبني,, بالسواعدي نرتاقي,, بالايمان تعلو راية في السما,,,في السماء.......نهضة لنا......ابائنا زاراعوها بنا.....عهدن لنا يادار.....ندعوا الاله لنبقى فيكي امييييييييييين

 We will not forget him. We will not forget him. A shield for us. They were. An honor that we have built. Our pride (n) is high. With a bid (n) is high. A star in the sky. We rise, by faith a banner rises in the sky... in the sky.......A renaissance for us.......Our fathers cultivated it with us..... entrust us to the home.....we pray to God so that we may stay in you, my mother

 دامت بلادي بها امانو ... والمجدو لانا...وا نجني ما زارعنا....تشدو الاقلامو ,,وطني غصن السلام

 As long as my country is safe... and the glory is for us... and we reap what we sowed....

The Creation of "Glory Of The UAE"



Domenico Cannizzaro and Aurora Muratti


Arabic Lyrics

Ahmed AlHosani

Recording Artists

Maestro Nayden Todorov - Conductor

Ahmed AlHosani - Solo Baritone

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Bulgarian National Choir

Recording Locations

Bulgaria Hall, Sofia Bulgaria

Abu Dhabi, UAE



Bulgaria - Ivo Yanev

Sofia Philharmonic 1.jpg

Please enjoy the audio track of Glory of the UAE with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bulgarian National Choir. Soon to come...the completion of the track with Ahmed's solo vocal line.

Glory of the UAE - SPO and Chorus MP3 2Glory of the UAE
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We wish to thank the Cultural Foundation of Abu Dhabi for their support in the realization of this project.

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