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Aurora Muratti
Domenico Cannizzaro
Managing Director
Dynamic. New. Active.


At DNA Global Enterprises we believe that there is creative DNA in every one of us. We are all unique in our outlook of beauty in music, art and life. 

Our company fuses up-to-date international trends with traditional values. We have many years of experience to meet all your requirements with the utmost professional standard and care. 


Our expert team can provide a wide range of services such as music workshops, masterclasses, martial arts team building sessions, original composition or arrangements for events, songs and movie themes and keynote speeches for your business, school or institute.

DNA Global Enterprises has many years of experience and business acumen on strategic management of music institutes and schools. If you're thinking of opening a music institute and/or instrument shop, we provide expert consultation and can offer you the best advice for your project. We can give you valuable guidance on the set up of your music business and take you through the tricky stages from startup right through to opening day. 

For all musical instrument requirements, we have the experience and contacts to source your order (no matter how large or small) to satisfy your budget and save you valuable time and energy.  

DNA Global Enterprises Creative Pianos are right on trend in developing creative imagery on your pianos. Let your imagination colour your piano to suit your style. Zebra piano? Pink champagne? A Company logo, Happy Birthday logo? or Newly-wed photo...etc?  

Let our team bring imagination to life. We can rent you a piano with a customized logo of your choice or we can transform your piano into a work of art. 

Contact us for more details to start your new personalized project that will leave your friends and clients in awe. 

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