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3.5 Creative Services - CREATIVE PIANOS

Imagination has no limit, so why not put a unique touch of creativity into your music!!!! You can now change the look of your piano as easily as you can change the style of your wardrobe. 
DNA Global Enterprises is the first in the UAE to offer exclusive rental and creative piano services to the current standard rental market. Add an extra spark to your event by customizing our rental piano with your logo, special message, photo image and/or flag colours...etc.  You can even match the colour of the piano to complement your event colour scheme. 
These procedures are available for private use, corporate events or for any important occasion indoor or out.
For the ultimate in luxury, our specialed team will work with you to transform your very own piano into an exquisite Hand-Painted work of art. Please feel free to contact us for further information.​

Kawai RX-7 Grand Piano.jpg
Custom Logo Pianos

Put a twist into your musical event when you hire a piano from DNA Global Enterprises. Our company can make the difference which will top any other piano rental deals available on the market today. You will be assured to achieve that extra sparkle and dazzle for your special occasion. 
We can cater for your requirements with a difference which will leave your guests and clients astonished with an everlasting impression of your creativity and style. Attention to detail is what marks excellence and quality in a company event and DNA Global Enterprises understands this better than anyone.
You can have a special photo, logo, and/or message of your choice displayed on the piano. 
If you already have a piano for your event, you can have exactly the same service applied to your instrument as our company's special processing method ensures that the process can be easily reversed leaving your piano to its original colour in an optimal state. 
For Embassies and Official Government bodies, DNA Global Enterprises has developed a customized service, especially for your occasion. You can now rent a piano displaying the colours of your patriotic flag to honour your official function displaying your meticulous care and pride in your country to impress officials and guests alike. 
contact us for further information.

White Tiger Piano 2.jpg
Coloured Pianos 


Wow your clients or guests with a coloured piano! Let us set up and deliver your choice of a coloured piano to your event location with the utmost professional service and care. Customizing your piano is a modern state-of-the-art innovation unique to DNA Global Enterprises. You can now have almost any coloured piano or mix of colours to match your event colour theme.  You can also have the piano display your company logo, design, or photo of your choice. Let your imagination run wild by having our rental piano in flag colours for National day, red hearts for Valentine's day. For weddings, you can have the couple's wedding photo and/or match the colour of the piano with the bridesmaids' dress colours...etc. We can bring imagination to life.  Contact us to colour your event with magic.  

Blue Piano.gif
Hand-Painted Pianos 

For the connoisseurs of the finest things in life, DNA Global Enterprises is proud to offer the ultimate in good taste in the artful fusion of music and art. 
Our company have professional artists who will bring to life your most demanding artistic concepts and transform your piano into the living work of art you will treasure for years to come. Your piano will become a family heirloom which will forever mark your artistic foresight and individuality as your character trademark. We will be happy to discuss this exclusive service in greater detail so please 
contact us for an appointment and further information. Prices on application.

Decorative Pianos 


Free your creative spirit and dream up a huge rainbow to decorate your piano with the colour palette of your choice. 
DNA Global Enterprises will help you transform your piano into a statement masterpiece which you can treasure and play in your very own home or venue. 
You can trust our professional team to work together with you to give your instrument the unique personality and style you choose and then watch how your friends and peers will admire your originality! We will help you create designs that can complement your decor in your home, office or venue.
We can colour your piano in any colour you like. We can create images, apply photos... and design special messages for your pianos like... 'Don't forget to practise' or 'With love'. Something chic to dazzle your friends? A cool zebra piano? We can create it!
For event companies - Bring the OOHS to your event with a CHROME coloured piano or rent a piano with the theme colour of your client's choice. 

Contact us for further details.

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