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Music has a massive impact on our lives. In a community, music has the power to enhance group identity and bring people together. It improves the quality of life in many ways bringing physical, emotional and cognitive development of social culture. DNA Global Enterprises will organise all aspects of your music requirements in specially designed programs which will light up your community with beautiful sounds and harmonies. We will be pleased to discuss our professional services with you so please contact us and we will come and meet you at your location.

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Music Instruction


We at DNA Global Enterprises can provide communities with a comprehensive music program tailored to your requirements. Our teachers are fully qualified professionals who work with dedication, reliability and care. 

The Music Programs are designed for students of all ages from beginner to advanced levels aiming to achieve a fine musical education in an enjoyable environment.

If required, we can also prepare students for Trinity College of London and ABRSM examinations. For further information contact us and we'll be pleased to come and meet you.

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Self Defence to Music

Self Defence to Music is a new, enjoyable and effective approach to learning self defence with the unique use of music as the catalyst to help students learn technique with precision, confidence and style. The classes are electric and full of energy giving the students a mental and physical state of achievement. They are planned with safety structures as an essential factor and are suitable for all ages and genders in their selected groups. Private classes are also available. For more information about Self Defence to Music click here. 

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