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DNA Global Enterprises is proud to support and promote all areas of the Creative Arts. We collaborate with international artists, musicians and keynote speakers who are at the forefront of their fields. Our company is involved in the exploration of the fascinating avenues of art affording a multitude of choice options for our discerning clients. DNA Global Enterprises is pleased to showcase its portfolio of four categories of Art: Investment, Neo Outsider, Colours of Africa and Decorative.
Our expert team of advisers and buyers have put together a splendid collection of options. We invite you to explore and enjoy these exquisite works as part of your life in your home, office or corporate building. 
Investment Art

Investment art presents an ideal window of opportunity for the savvy investor who wants to diversify a portfolio and minimize risks. Art has no correlation to the stock market meaning that paintings can increase in value even if the stock market crashes, making art investment per se a fine defensive financial mechanism. Investing in art satisfies both your aesthetic sense as well as adding value to your investment portfolio. 

At DNA Global Enterprises we explore the various genre of affordable smart investments. We feature both international established artists as well as talented emerging artists currently gaining momentum in the art world. For further information please feel free to

contact us.

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Decorative Art

Decorative Arts and Crafts bring aesthetic pleasure to your home or office. At DNA Global Enterprises we keep a keen eye on colour, line, shape, texture and design to bring harmony for your personal space and requirements. You will find a range of interior designs in our shop for your pleasure. For distinctive and creative decor ideas please contact us.

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Neo-Outsider Art 


The Neo-Outsider Art movement was founded in Oxford (UK) by the notable scholar and art historian Dr. Melissa Westbrook. Embracing a wide variety of techniques including paintings, sculptures and textiles, its bold, brazen artists create work on the margins of the global, mainstream art world. Rejecting conventional themes and techniques, the Neo-Outsiders gained momentum with art lovers and serious investors alike. For the first time, throughout the Gulf and the Middle East, DNA Global Enterprises is proud to present this highly prized style of painting. 

Please contact us for further information and a private appointment.

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Colours of Africa 


Beauty comes in all shapes, forms and colours swirling in vibrant hues of magenta, yellows and greens. There is no limit to the imagination of the creative artesian handcrafts finely fashioned in the magical world of Africa. DNA Global Enterprises offer an original collection of finely crafted art pieces fashioned exclusively for our company.
Our range of jewellery, handpicked and inspired by traditional and contemporary concepts, showcases the diversity of colours that emerge from our African neighbours. In celebration of the strength and beauty of African themes, our artists fashion unique pieces of wearable art to adorn your lady with love. 

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